A Tour of the Amtrak Training Facility

19 March 2001

My wife is an architect and belongs to CSI (Constructions Specifications Institute). The group often tours interesting facilities and I get to come along. The monthly meeting and tour for March 2001 was at the new Amtrak Training Facility at Wilmington, DE. When she asked if I wanted to go, I jumped at the chance!

I'm a real fan of trains, but not enough to be considered a railfan. The pictures on this site include train simulators of certain engines, like the F40, F59, and P40/42. At least I think that's what they were. My wife was taking notes and I was clicking away. So if I made any stupid errors on my narratives, please let me know at via email to atcw at this domain. Thanks..

Unfortunately, half way through the tour, my camera's auto-focus feature failed and this particular camera doesn't have a manual focus, so I was pretty upset. At least it got stuck at a half-way decent setting, but some of the close-up shots aren't focused very well, and that upsets me to no end.

All pictures contained are Copyright 2001 Ken Weaverling. Permission is granted to use them as long as you don't turn around and try to sell them yourself.

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